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Nonprofit Marketing Strategy: Manpower Over Money

While many charitable organizations are in search of donors, others are seeking something that’s often more difficult to get than financial assistance... and that’s someone's time. Here are five ways you can find more volunteers by bolstering your online presence: Your website is where current and prospective donors and volunteers go to research your organization,…

Faithful to Your Brand? A Brand Identity Audit Will Tell

Some businesses and organizations open their doors with little more than a logo and basic brand identity materials like business cards, letterhead and few forms. Others make their mark in the marketplace with a well-defined set of brand identity guidelines for application across all of their marketing communications. Some quickly discover it’s not long before…

9 Tips for a Persuasive Sales Letter

A major advantage to direct mail is its capacity for one-on-one communications with the prospect or customer. Unlike other forms of advertising, you can get “personal.” What makes a great sales letter that motivates action? Here’s the breakdown: 1. Employ a “Johnson box”: Named after legendary direct marketer Frank Johnson, it features the letter’s key…